RoninSec - At Your Service

Why do we do this?
We make a difference to the information security of Australians.

How do we do this?
Ronin Security Consulting Pty Ltd (RoninSec) works with government and private enterprise to secure critical national infrastructure.

What do we do?

We specialise in security architecture, security management, infrastructure security assessment and web application security testing.

Typical engagement model

RoninSec provides technical security leadership in cybersecurity matters through a workforce augmentation approach. RoninSec engages directly for penetration testing engagements.
Our use of cloud technologies
We live in the cloud and are familiar with the security offerings of the major stacks from Microsoft, Amazon and Google. 

An understanding of the local market

RoninSec is an Australian owned and operated boutique security consultancy.  Hence we have experience with "what works" in the local context.

We have no affiliations with product vendors or system integrators and hence can recommend the best course of action for your organisation without bias, be it maintaining the status quo; leveraging existing technology or procuring new technology.